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Company Profile

We are a photography equipment manufacturing company that pioneered the photo equipment industry in India. With a strong lineage of 6 decades, our vision is to be the source of everything in the realm of photographic equipment. We believe in innovation and efficiency through design and technology. Being listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange we strive to maximise value for our investors. Our core values are customer satisfaction, transparency and ethical practices.

Photoquip's forte lies in innovation and manufacturing of high end electronic equipment for photo-lighting solutions. With 6 decades of manufacturing expertise and a strong international customer base Photoquip has, and will continue to deliver, the highest standards of quality at affordable prices. Having dedicated time and resources to the adoption of global production principles such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, 5S, JIT, TQM as well as a definitive approach to Supply Chain Management systems, Photoquip today is proud to be years ahead in the photographic industry.

Over the years Photoquip has been associated with some of the biggest brands of the world in photography such as: Elinchrom (Switzerland), Manfrotto (Italy), Gitzo (Italy), Nissin (Japan) and Gretag Imaging (Switzerland). It has represented these brands as sole agents and manufacturing partners in India. Even today we continue to work closely with Elinchrom -the world renowned Swiss brand in photographic lighting solutions and hold a majority market share in India.


PHOTOQUIP is derived from a combination of two words: Photo and Equip

It conveys PHOTOQUIP’s dedication and commitment towards the photo industry and photographers: professionals and enthusiasts alike, and equipping them with exceptional quality, cutting-edge products. Through our businesses and offerings, we strive to foster an environment that is founded on the principles of innovation and the value they bring to the consumer. It is the great ideas and our strive for perfection that set us apart and have held us in good stead.

Brand Slogan:

Bringing Still to Life

The brand slogan signifies PHOTOQUIP’s role, that of being a facilitator / enabler in the image-making process. It also conveys the impact that the company is able to make in the field of photography through its world-class technology offerings.


To offer world-class photo-imaging technology to the Indian consumer.


Enriching the Indian photo-industry by offering world-class technology products to the Indian consumer via a strong distribution network and after-sales service. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence and meet or exceed our commitment towards our customers, partners and shareholders.

The three Ps that govern the brand

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Pursuit to provide unique, enriching solutions.


Persistence to make the unimaginable possible.


Perfection in our businesses and offering.


Since 1959, we have been setting benchmarks for Indian as well as international manufacturers in our quest for equipping photographers and studio-owners with excellent quality gear at affordable prices. The foresight and vision of pioneer Mr J. P. Soni helped build the company on a firm foundation of innovation and persistence, making it truly successful in the Indian photography industry.

In the conventional era, external flashguns used bulbs that would fuse with a single use making it very cumbersome for photographers to carry a bag-full of flashbulbs for each shoot. This problem challenged the creative mind of Mr. Soni. He set to usher in the technology for indigenous manufacturing of flashguns in India, leading to the birth of Problitz and Prolinchrom series of studio lights. (In local markets, these lights are still known as Soni Bhai’s lights) A significant breakthrough for the group was the signing of the technical agreement with Swiss-based Elinca SA for manufacturing and exports of the Elinchrom brand of studio flash systems in 1983.

The nineties saw the company entering into a new field of picture making with the launch of their KLIK brand of cameras. The 35mm compact film camera had its own share of fan following and was positioned at #2, behind the hugely popular Kodak KB 10 range. This however, accentuated the need for expansion, and resulted in the incorporation of Photoquip India Ltd. in the year 1994 with shares listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange.

Riding the expansion wave, the millennium saw the company entering into a joint venture with Swiss multi-national Gretag Imaging for independent manufacture of minilabs. The two partners set a record of sorts with the indigenous production of an array of Gretag 3-in-1 minilabs, such as Master Lab 740, Master Lab Eco, and Master Flex, and undertook exports of over 300 units. It also successfully installed a base of 390 minilabs across the country within the first year of its operations.

Concerned with the high price that Digital Labs commanded, the company decided to venture into R&D in 2001. After an intensive research for over four years, Photoquip introduced the Digital Combo – a complete Digital upgrade kit for the conventional Gretag Master Labs. This revolutionary move resulted in tremendous enthusiasm in an otherwise reluctant market. With more than 260 successful installations across India and 16 installations abroad, Photoquip was commissioned to export 130 upgrade kits in a span of three years.

Innovation being a constant endeavour, in 2005, the company produced D-Lite, the revolutionary Digital light in the Elinchrom family. In fact, it is the only true entry-level flash head, made under strict Swiss Quality specifications and safety standard, exported to over 110 countries worldwide.

With digital technology revolutionizing the imaging space, Photoquip was quick to think out of the box and venture into dye-sublimation printing. In order to provide a technological edge, Photoquip decided to enter into a joint venture with Copal and Shinko of Japan to market the printers in India. Further R&D is this field resulted in the development of user-friendly operating software for digital machines such as QUIK STATION and Snapz, an indigenous upgrade/modification for Shinko & Copal thermal printers, in order to upgrade them to standalone microlabs.

In 2008, the company set another benchmark by introducing the Elinchrom FX200Ri & FX400Ri - the first Digital Light with an in-built Radio Frequency Trigger. The most recent addition is the introduction of the revolutionary D-Lite FX2, D-Lite FX4, FRX Series, and Master RX, the ultimate ‘wire free-plug in PCB technology’ for digital studio lighting systems.

Today, Photoquip manufactures over 275 products for exports and more than 4000 lights a month, emerging as one of the largest producers of studio lights in the world including finished products. Beginning with an initial turnover of INR 8.7 million, the company’s dream run continues with a turnover of over INR 600 million (FY2016-17), thereby achieving a phenomenal growth, year on year.

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Corporate Office

Corporate office:

10/116 Salt pan Division,
Vidyalankar College Road,
Antop Hill, Wadala East,
Mumbai 400037, India
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Share transfer agent

Share transfer agent:

Sharex Dynamic India Pvt. Ltd.
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Board of Directors

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Mr. J.P. Soni

Chairman & Managing Director

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Mr. Dhaval Soni

Executive Director

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Mr. Pulin Soni

Executive Director

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Mr. Mohib N Khericha

Independent Director

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Dr. Vishnu J Acharya

Independent Director

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Mrs. Parvin J Dumasia

Independent Woman Director