Elinchrom Reflectors

Enhance your style with lighting tools!

Anoush abrar   reflector

Why Elinchrom Reflectors?

Elinchrom offers a wide range of reflectors, compatible with the entire Elinchrom studio flash system. Each reflector is specially designed to do a different job.

Elinchrom offer a wide range of superbly designed reflectors, compatible with the entire Elinchrom studio flash system.

Each reflector is specially designed to do a different job. Decide what you want your lighting to look like and there will be a reflector with precisely the right profile.

Elinchrom reflectors are manufactured to the highest specification possible to ensure a long life with endless lighting possibilities !

Wide Angle

The best reflectors to combine with umbrellas and grids.

Grids for the Grid Reflector 18 cm and the Standard Reflector 21cm are available as well as Barndoor sets for the Standard Reflector 21cm making these wide angle reflectors very versatile tools.

Reflector 16cm
Umbrella Reflector 90° 16 cm
Reflector 18cm
Grid Reflector 18cm 70°
Standard reflector 21cm
Standard Reflector 50° 21 cm
Varistar  reflector
Varistar Reflector 90° 24 cm
El squre reflector 44 cm 85
Square Reflector 44cm 85°


The best reflectors to use on location - When power is needed, go with these reflectors.

El high performance reflector 26cm 46
High Performance Reflector 48° 26 cm

Beauty Dish

Beauty dishes are perfect for beauty and portrait work.

Beauty dishes, slightly harder lighting than a softbox and giving better definition of facial features, are perfect for close in beauty and portrait work.

The included Deflector Set modifies the tone and softness. The light can be further softened with the optional showercap diffuser.

El softlite white 44cm
Softlite White Reflector 44cm 80°
Softlite diffuser 44
Softlite Silver Reflector 44cm 55°
El softlite grid 44
Diffuser for Softlite 44cm
El softlite white 70cm
Softlite White Reflector 70cm 82°
El softlite silver 70cm
Softlite Silver Reflector 70cm 64°
Softlite diffuser 70
Diffuser for Softlite 70cm
El softlite grid 70
Softlite Grids 70 cm


Freedom to easily modify the hardness and softness of your lights.

Elinchrom flash heads offer the unique centered umbrella fitting for umbrellas and deflectors. Deflectors can eliminate, soften or tone sharp shadow edges. Very efficient with the Elinchrom softbox and reflector range.

Elinchrom deflector set
Deflector Set


Useful to any photographer's studio.

Background and Snoot reflectors have been manufactured to meet special demands and are now useful to any photographer's studio.

El background reflector
Background Reflector
Elinchrom snoot  grid
Snoot Reflector & Grid

Barn Doors

Barndoor Set 21