Elinchrom Rotalux

The signature range of EL softboxes



The Rotalux softbox is the best of its category

The rapid assembly Rotalux system is probably the most widely copied of all softbox systems. However, it is easier to copy a design than a quality and the Rotalux softboxes remain the best in their class. They are lightweight and unlike many other softboxes, fold down just like an umbrella and can be easily stored in the carrying bag, which is included.

The quality of light is outstanding because of their construction and the internal diffuser provides the softest and most even light possible.

The optional deflector set takes advantage of the unique Elinchrom central shaft to modify the softness / hardness and colour like no other softbox system.


  • Excellent quality of the diffusing and reflecting fabric.
  • Second internal diffuser.
  • Included Translucent Deflector, to soften shadows.
  • Grey rip piping with professional finish.
  • Lightweight speedring, only 263 g.
  • Heavy-duty locking with wing nut.
  • Easy snap locks.
  • Hooded diffuser are available – they reduce the spread of light.
  • Optional Lighttools Grids. These are the highest quality grids available: Super portable and durable.
  • * Note that the Indian Kit contents vary from that available internationally
Rotalux® Softbox Octa 100 cm26183Rotalux® Softbox Octa 135 cm 26184Rotalux® Softbox Octa 175 cm 26186Rotalux® Indirect 150 cm 26188Rotalux® Softbox Deep Octa 100 cm 26185Rotalux® Softbox Deep Octa 70 cm 26187
Depth32 cm42 cm50 cm73 cm65 cm40 cm
Diameter100 cm135 cm175 cm150 cm100 cm70 cm
Weight1.22 kg1.55 kg2.45 kg3.35 kg1.50 kg0.80 kg


El soft box100x100
Rotalux Softbox 100x100 cm
El soft box70x70
Rotalux Softbox 70x70 cm
El soft box70x70 hood
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 70x70 cm
El soft box100x100 hood
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 100x100 cm
El soft box70x70 grid
Rotalux Rotagrid 70x70 cm
El soft box100x100 grid
Rotalux Rotagrid 100x100 cm


60x80 rotalux recta
Rotalux Softbox 60x80 cm
90 x 110 rotalux recta
Rotalux Softbox 90x110 cm
60x80 rotalux recta diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 60x80 cm
90 x 110 rotalux recta diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 90x110 cm


El strip 35x90
Rotalux Softbox 35x90 cm
El strip 50x130
Rotalux® Softbox 50x130 cm
El strip 50x130 diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 50x130 cm
El strip 50x130 grid
Rotalux Rotagrid Diffuser


Deep octa soft 100
Rotalux Softbox Octa 100 cm
Deep octa soft 135
Rotalux Softbox Octa 135 cm
Rotalux octa soft 175
Rotalux Softbox Octa 175 cm
Deep octa soft 100 diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 100 cm
Deep octa soft 135 diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser Octa 135 cm
Deep octa soft 175 diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser Octa 175 cm

Deep Octagonal

Rotalux deep indirect 150
Rotalux Indirect 150cm
Rotalux  deep octa soft 100
Rotalux Softbox Deep Octa 100cm
Rotalux  deep octa soft 100
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 100cm
Deep octa soft 70 diffuser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 70cm
Rotalux deep indirect 150 diffser
Rotalux Hooded Diffuser 150cm

Speedrings and Adapters

Elinchrom users are not the only ones who can take advantage from the Rotalux softbox system.

There are now optional adapter speedrings for other brands of studio flash. Only one adapter ring is required for any shape and size of Rotalux.

Rotalux speedrings broncolor
Rotalux Broncolor® Speedring
Rotalux speedrings profoto
Rotalux Profoto® Speedring
Elinchrom profoto%c2%ae adapter
Elinchrom-Profoto® Adapter
Rq refl adapter
Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II


Elinchrom compacts and flash heads offer the unique centred umbrella fitting for umbrellas and deflectors. This gives photographers the freedom to easily modify the hardness / softness of their lights. Deflectors can eliminate, soften or tone sharp shadow edges. The compacts work very efficiently with the Elinchrom softbox and reflector range.

Elinchrom deflector set
Deflector Set


Portalite softboxes offer great performance whilst remaining ultra compact. Made with the same quality material Elinchrom uses for the Rotalux range, the Portalite is a professional and competitively priced system.

Rq portalite octa 56
Portalite Octa 56cm
Rq portalite square 40
Portalite Square 40 cm