60 Years Of Photoquip

It all started with finding a solution to a problem that every photographer faced. The Light.

The foresight and vision of Mr. J P Soni helped build products that were innovative and reliable, making them truly successful in the Indian photography industry.

Even after 6 decades, ‘Soni Bhai Lights’ represents trust and quality. Photoquip has not only maintained this trust and quality but also has become an expert in offering the high-performance flash and continuous lighting solution to the Indian photography & videography industry till date.

This year, on our 60th year of manufacturing and distributing photography lighting equipment, we have collaborated with ADAPT, a Community-Based Organization providing education, assessment, skills development, advocacy and training for people with disabilities. To celebrate the success of 4 achievers through portrait photography by four eminent photographers.

Poor infrastructure, lack of basic facilities did not stop these four people with disabilities to fulfill their dreams. They believed in themselves and pursued their passion to become what they are today. They have inspired many people to overcome their challenges and nurture their talents. They are truly the achievers!

The Making



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