ELB 400

The need to have a portable battery pack has been felt by photographers of different genres. These include fashion & portrait photographers, editorial photographers, and high-end wedding photographers, especially for destination & pre-wedding shoots.

Catering to this market, the well-respected Elinchrom brand of studio lights, introduced the ELB 400, a pack-and-battery light system, engineered with Swiss technology & Swiss precision. Elinchrom has held the mantle for innovation, for the last few decades in the global photography market.

Many times, when photographers are shooting on a distant location, where there is no source of power, they may feel that the light is too low or there is a harsh shadow on the face which they may wish to open up. Alternatively, they could be shooting against the sunlight & want to add light on the subjects face. What the pro photographer now needs is a portable battery pack & light head.  That's where ELB 400 comes in. 

The ELB 400 is user-friendly & the light output can be varied manually as well as remotely through the radio trigger. This is even achieved from sufficiently long distances. ELB 400 also has other features such as HSS & can be used with all reputed camera brands like Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony and others.

The strobe effect is incorporated in the menu, can be utilised creatively in many ways. The photographer can shoot a model who is in motion, say, for example, performing aerobics or dance, against a black background in the darkness. The strobe effect captures multiple images of the subject in different poses on the same frame. The ELB 400 lets the photographer adjust the number of flashes to be fired as a strobe. The ELB 400 scores high on reliability, since the consistency of the flash is constant once set.

Many times during an outdoor shoot, the photographer's 'first assistant' has to hold the light unit in his hands, mounted on a monopod boom arm for a long time. With the ELB 400, the battery pack remains on the ground or strapped to the assistant while the light head, which is as light as a tennis ball, is mounted on the handheld boom arm. Hence it is much easier for the assistant to hold. With other brands, the battery may be directly attached to the light making the whole unit very heavy. It then becomes a painful exercise to use such units on boom arms due to the pressure created by cantilever action. 

With the help of an adapter ring, all the Elinchrom light modifiers can be used with the ELB400. The number of flashes delivered by the unit, once the battery is charged remains consistent. The battery pack has the provision of connecting two light heads & the full light output is exactly what is claimed by the company.

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