Freeze The Dance Moves

In the quest to freeze action, the eminent advertising photographer Shashi Nair lits his studio with Elinchrom’s ELB series.

F/8, 1/800s

Here is the video of him using the powerful and portable ELB 1200 and ELB 500 TTL to get crystal clear image of the dancers.

Shashi Nair positioned ELB 500 TTL as the key light and ELB 1200 as the background light and cropped by a negative fill to give the gradient background effect.

F/8, 1/2000

Hi-Sync and HSS feature allows you to sync your camera with your flash unit at very high shutter speeds. Shashi Nair used the Elinchrom Transmitter Pro which is built in with Hi-Sync and HSS technology, to trigger his NIKON camera with flash units at high shutter speed. He found it easy to use and achieve his goal of capturing action photos without any hassle.


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