Interior Photography with Yash Gore

Each space has a story to tell, a personality to express, and a unique need to be met. Photographer Yash Gore from Greyrabbit photography, tells a story through the images, focusing on interesting details that makes the space special, sometimes he uses people as models to set the mood and atmosphere.

“Lighting defines a space and helps me to set the tone and mood to tell a story through the images.” - Yash

It is extremely important to capture the right angles in the Interiors making sure that the Interiors and design of the space is seen clean with every detail standing out. Even light, straight walls and good angles make a massive difference in interior photography.

Yash always starts with understanding the ambient light and then slowly adds the artificial flash light, if needed. To get the best image possible, most of the time he combines the ambient light with artificial flash light. He lights the space in just the right way to get every details and texture while removing hotspots and shadows.

The ambient light in a space or the natural light coming inside the room might not be able to highlight the details. Also, one more problem with natural light is that you have no control over it.  That’s why as an architectural photographer, it is critical to be well prepared for a location shoot. It is often necessary to use fill lights for brightening up the room, lighting the dark corners or to get the perfect lighting even on a cloudy day.  

For the lighting gears, Yash didn’t have look further than his Elinchrom standard kit: FRX 400 and MasterRX.

“In commercial interior photography, lighting is everything, and Elinchrom has never failed in creating look and feels as per the client’s requirements.” – Yash Gore

Yash artistically uses his Elinchrom FRX 400 and Master Rx by perfectly positioning it as the main light and fill light to get the desired image. He usually places the strobe light few feet away from the camera facing up and slightly away from the room to bounce the light. This illuminates the space with soft and evenly distributed light.

As every space demands a different set up, a different story, Yash and his team is always ready take up a new challenge with a dynamic approach and state of art equipments. 

About Yash Gore

Head photographer at Greyrabbit Photography, Yash has 17 years of experience in photography, he has not only worked the best agencies in Mumbai but has worked with clients all around the world.

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