Outdoor Portrait Photography with Problitz DC 400 - Dipak Vaghela

​​“Problitz DC 400 is a perfect combination of power and portability with TTL, HSS functions along with delayed and freeze mode for all genres of photography.”


​When Photoquip launched Problitz DC 400, I was eager to try out the new battery powered strobe light for an outdoor photography. I was looking for a powerful but light weight strobe light for my outdoor photo shoots and Problitz fit my requirement perfectly!

I am using Photoquip products since years and I am very satisfied with the quality and precision. So, I have no doubt about their new product Problitz DC400.

The moment I got the compact Problitz DC 400, I planned an outdoor portrait photo shoot at this beautiful ancient stepwell - Adalaj Stepwell in Ahmedabad.

​“I created my own outdoor studio with Problitz DC 400”

All my existing Elinchrom light modifiers fitted in seamlessly with Problitz DC 400 and the digital TTL transmitter, Problitz TX-BLT C, worked accurately with my Canon camera to control the strobe light remotely. For this shoot, I used Elinchrom reflector with mob cap to capture these stunning portrait photographs.

​It was a bright sunny day, perfect to test the High-Speed Sync (HSS) function in Problitz. Despite of the harsh sun light, it worked wonderfully! Thanks to HSS, I was able to add drama to the composition by overpowering the ambient light and separating the model from the background. For wedding, fashion or portrait photographers, who generally have the flash close to their subject, HSS is an excellent option.

Along with HSS function, Problitz also has TTL function making is easier for action and wedding photographers.

​Problitz DC 400 has lithium ion battery of 4400 mAH and gives up to 400 flashes in full power. It weighs only 2.25 kgs and comes in a compact carry bag which increases portability on location photo shoots.

​At the end of the day, I was more than thrilled with the output of Problitz and I would definitely recommend Problitz than any other similar products for outdoor flash photography.

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