Set-up And Functioning of Elinchrom Compacts

If you've recently purchased the D-Lite or the FRX kit and are intimidated by its operation, or if you'd would like to know the working of the EL-Skyport transmitter system, then this post is just for you!

In this video tutorial, photographer Vipin Gaur explains in a simple and sytematic manner the functions and working of the D-Lite and FRX series compacts, how to attach the various accessories, and the importance of the Elinchrom Skyport remote triggering system.

What's more is that it is explained in Hindi so that more people can learn from it.

About the EL-Skyport System

The EL-Skyport system allows the photographer to break free from sync cords and unreliable IR systems.

Various levels of function and control are available depending on the units you have: The Universal receiver module can trigger cameras via optional shutter release cables and is compatible with all Elinchrom classic units, most speed lights and most of other flash brands for triggering.

Units with the built-in Skyport such as D-lite FX One, D-lite FX 2/4, FRX 200, FRX 400, and Master can be triggered and have the additional option of power settings and modelling lamp on/off.

On these units, the SPEED mode can be activated via the EL-Skyport Software 3.0.

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