In the 1950s, external flashguns used bulbs that would fuse after every shot. For photographers, this meant carrying a bag full of bulbs to every shoot; a cumbersome task, and an expensive proposition. Our founder Mr. J.P. Soni, saw this problem as an opportunity and put his efforts into solving it and addressing a major need for the photography community in the country. His efforts led to the birth of Photoquip India.


1959 - Inception

The foresight and vision of our founder, Mr. J. P. Soni, helped establish the company on a firm foundation of innovation and persistence; ideals that we continue to work towards even today.


The 1960s - The first sparks of innovation

The 1st product manufactured by Photoquip called Klik 301T dry cells, was a leather case flashlight which was later made in plastic.


The 1970s

Photoquip gaduated to the manufacturing of easels, enlargers, rollers, and cutters.


From innovating over time to assembling the dream team, it led to the birth of Problitz & Prolinchrom along with the partnership with Elinca SA.

Mr. J. P. Soni set to usher in the technology for indigenous manufacturing of flashguns in India, which led to the birth of Problitz and Prolinchrom series of studio lights; still known as Soni Bhai’s lights in the local markets today.

Signed a technical agreement with Swiss-based Elinca SA for manufacturing and export of the Elinchrom brand of studio flash systems - Prolinchrom.


The 1990s - The age of KLIK™

The 35mm compact film camera had its own share of fan following and was positioned at #2, behind the hugely popular Kodak KB 10 range.

Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange.


The 2000s - The overseas adventure begins

- Photoquip enters into a joint venture with Swiss multinational Gretag Imaging for independent manufacture of minilabs: Master Lab 740, Master Lab, Eco Master Flex.

- They ventured into dye-sublimation printing and marketed printers made in a JV with Copal and Shinko in India.

- They introduced D-Lite which is made under Swiss quality specifications and safety standards, exported to over 110 countries worldwide.

- Launched the Elinchrom FX200Ri & FX400Ri - the first Digital Light with an in-built Radio Frequency Trigger.

- Launched the D-Lite FX2, D-Lite FX4, FRX Series, and Master RX, in India.


2010s - Tie-up with Light & Motion, Jupio

- Launched continuous LED light for photography, videography and underwater photography range from Light & Motion in India.

- Introduced India to battery and chargers from Jupio in Netherlands.

- Extended the Elinchrom range of products available to the Indian market, by introducing the Battery Flash System - ELB 400, ELB 500 TTL and ELB 1200.