ELB 400

Specifically designed for photographers who like to travel light but packing enough power to overpower the sun.

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Why the ELB 400?

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Why the ELB 400?

3 small flash heads

  • Full sized performance
  • Only 0.25 kg
  • Compatible with the whole Elinchrom system

1 light battery pack

  • 424 Ws in the palm of your hand, for only 2 kg 
  • Fast recycling time, 1.6 seconds at full power
  • Lifetime battery, 350 flashes at full power

Control display

  • OLED display
  • Intuitive control
  • Next generation built-in EL-Skyport


Product Specifications

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Quadra Heads

Quadra Action Head

Choose Quadra Pro head sets for general photography. They offer a great balance between performance and price.

Quadra Pro Head

Choose Quadra Action head sets to freeze subject’s motion with extremely fast flash durations. Ideal for photography with some movement.

Quadra HS Head

Choose Quadra HS head to use specifically Hi-Sync with the Transmitter PRO. Hi-Sync allows you to trigger your DSLR camera up to 1/8000s shutter speed. Ideal to freeze motion for sports photography.

  • 50 W equivalent daylight balanced and bright LED modelling lamp
  • Super portable, only 0.28 kg
  • Compact size, just 9 x 8 x 11 cm 
  • Interchangeable flash cables
  • Plug-in flashtube
  • Umbrella fitting for EL umbrellas up to 105 cm diameter
  • Includes a 2.5 m flash cable
  • 2 possible ringflashes, ideal for beauty and fashion photography

EL-Skyport Plus

The Next Generation of Skyport Transmitters

The latest EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus is now included in the To Go set.

A strong and robust design which enables photographers to simply trigger and adjust flash power at up to 200 m (656 feet) away.

Optimize reception using the swivel function and it is powered by AA batteries.

Location Bag

The ultimate location bag is now included in the To Go sets.

This case is an ideal fit to portable flash solutions such as the ELB 400 or previous Quadra series.

Supplied with rain protective cover, adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap, 4 vertical and 4 horizontal dividers for exibility and 4 velcro straps to securely attach tripods or umbrellas.

To Go Set





More Technical Specification

ELB 400

  ELB 400
Quadra Hybrid
Auto Power Dumping Yes
Battery Li-Ion 14.4V / 4.1Ah Lead-Gel 12 V / 3.6 Ah
Battery Life 6000 (min power) / 350 Flashes (full power) 140 Flashes (full power)
Colour Temperature at Max. Power 5500 °K
Energy 424 Ws/J 400 Ws/J
F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°) 64.5
Height 18.5 cm 21 cm
Length 15 cm
Modelling Lamp Mode On, Off, Timer, Continuous On, Off, Programmable Timer and Continuous
Power Distribution Asymmetrical 2:1
Display OLED LED
Power Range F-Stop 6.9  6.6 
Power Range 7 to 424 Ws 8 to 400 Ws
Recycling (ECO) 3.5 s 2.3 s
Recycling (FAST) 0.17 s 0.18 s
Skyport Type Built-in Skyport Built-in, 8 freq. channels, 4 groups
Sync Socket 3.5 mm Jack
Sync Voltage 5 V
Weight (max.) 2 kg 3 kg
Weight (empty) 1.27 kg 2 kg
Width 8.5 cm

ELB 400 Heads

  Quadra Action Head
Quadra Pro Head
Quadra HS Head
Colour Temperature at Max. Power 5500 °K
Flashtube N° 24086 : Plug-in, Replaceable N° 24087 : Plug-in, Replaceable N° 24088 : Plug-in, Replaceable
Port A 1/2800 (100%) 1/1200 (100%) 1/550 (100%)
Port B 1/5700 (33%) 1/3000 (33%) 1/1100 (33%)
Height 8 cm
Hi-Sync No Yes (camera dependent) Yes
Length 16 cm
Modelling Lamp - 230V LED: 50 W
Dimmable Modelling Lamp No
Umbrella Fitting Centered Tube - 7 mm
Weight (max.) 0.25 kg
Width 9 cm

And so much more!

With the Quadra Reflector Adaptor MK-II, the Quadra heads can fit the complete range of Elinchrom light shapers.

From the smallest reflectors to the biggest Litemotiv softboxes.

Litemotiv Softbox Octa 120cm

Rotalux® Softbox Deep Octa 100 cm

High Performance Reflector 48° 26 cm

Softlite Silver Reflector 70cm 64°


Q-Portalite 40 x 40 cm

Q-Portalite Octa 56 cm

Q-Protective Cap

Q-Extension Cable 5m

Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II

ProTec Location Bag

Q-Reflector Grid 18 cm

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