Indirect Litemotiv

The Indirect Litemotiv is the industry standard for outdoor and studio photographers. This is perfect for those who want a portable and lightweight solution with no compromises on quality.

Why the Indirect Litemotiv ?

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The Indirect Litemotiv is the industry standard for outdoor and studio photographers.

Ease of use!

The Litemotiv is perfect for those who want a portable and lightweight solution with no compromises on quality. The flash unit is fitted indirectly to diffuse in a beautiful, rich and even way bringing life to your images. The unique folding system allows a speedy setup of the Indirect Litemotiv in any location and with each softbox, there is a high quality carrying bag included to transport it safely wherever you go.

Product Specifications

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Product Specifications

  • Very fast set up, with the unique EL folding construction.
  • New high quality black/silver fabrics, more light, better light distribution and can be used with 650W Halogen modelling lamps.
  • 360° rotating system.


Quality of light

The central mounting for the flash head places the flashtube at the point of focus inside these softboxes for the best possible results.

The optical result is a light source, which is so even with superb colour saturation at the diffuser surface, that many famous photographers use the Octa as a single light source for portrait photography. 

More light

The new reflective fabric of the Indirect Litemotiv softboxes is unique. It offers more light output compared to previous fabrics while offering the same distinctive Elinchrom look. 

Finally the new fabric is heat-resistant, meaning that 650W hot lamps can be used with our new Indirect Litemotiv, overall it is also more durable, making this light shaper the perfect tool for rental studios. 


The integral reflector of Elinchrom flash units is designed to maximise efficiency and even light distribution, they are the best for the Indirect Litemotiv. The flashtube is precisely positioned 20 mm from the surface to avoid the inherent uneveness of non-concentric flashtubes. The bayonet mount is compatible with all Elinchrom flash units since 1974. 


These large yet lightweight softboxes have won worldwide popularity because of everything about them. 

The Octa 190 cm is our most popular shape and probably other brands most popular light shaping tool also


We know these softboxes travel around the world and we also know the world is not as friendly as Switzerland is.

This is why we added small rings to each sides of our Indirect Litemotiv shapes so that photographers can securely attach the Indirects to the ground or any element around them.


Their unique patented construction and design has taken these softboxes around the world in the most incredible locations. 

The setting up / down process is so simple that altough these are very big softboxes, they can be quickly folded down into one carrying bag for comfortable transportation.

"I was particularly impressed by the character of its light!" 

More Technical Specifications

  Indirect Litemotiv Octa 190cm
Indirect Litemotiv Square 145x145cm
Indirect Litemotiv Recta 72x175cm
Indirect Litemotiv Strip 33x175cm
Depth 70 cm
Supplied With The tilthead, 360° rotating system, internal & external diffusers and carrying bag
Weight 5 kg 4 kg

Indirect Litemotiv Octa 190cm

Indirect Litemotiv Square 145x145cm

Indirect Litemotiv Recta 72x175cm

Indirect Litemotiv Strip 33x175cm


Elinchrom-Profoto® Adapter

Q-Reflector Adapter MK-II

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