Compatible with all heads and together with the optional heavy duty bracket, available for different flash brands, all Elinchrom heads can be fitted for optimum results using every combination of the unique Elinchrom deflector system.

Why Direct Litemotiv ?

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The Litemotiv produces the perfect circular catch-light!

Compatible with all heads

Together with the optional heavy duty bracket, available for different flash brands, all Elinchrom heads can be fitted for optimum results using every combination of the unique Elinchrom Deflector system.

With diameter options of 120 cm and 190 cm, the Litemotiv range offers the perfect light for every kind of photographer.

The parabolic extension to Elinchrom’s softbox range is here.

Product Specifications

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  • Exclusive fabric for exceptional light quality.
  • Sixteen sided softboxes, creating close to perfect catchlights.
  • Anodised rod colour coding for faster assembly.
  • The strong and stable bracket supports all Elinchrom units.
  • Additional brackets are available for Broncolor®, Profoto® and Bowens®.
  • Removable rear cover for easier setup and shoot through functionality.
  • Two diffusers, inner and outer, for perfectly soft diffusion.
  • Without these diffusers, this is a giant beauty dish.
  • Unique to Elinchrom, deflectors fine tune the Litemotiv effect.
  • Available in 120 and 190 cm.


16 Rods

The 16 anodised rods are heat-resistant, enabling work with high temperature light sources. They are made out of flexible aluminium so that they follow the parabolic shape of the Litemotiv. The colour coding of the bracket and rods enable trouble free assembly. These are studio softboxes but their construction make them simple to setup but also to disassemble.

More light

The fabric of the Litemotiv softboxes is unique. It offers 30% more light output than our standard Rotalux fabric, also used for Portalite, while being just as lightweight. It also offers the same distinctive Elinchrom look than our other softboxes but this fabric is heat-resistant, meaning that 650W hot lamps can be used with Litemotiv.


Designed to carry the Litemotiv 120 cm and the incredible 190 cm, this bracket takes off all stress from the unit while providing easy positioning of the light. 

The Elinchrom Litemotiv bracket is available for:

  • Elinchrom® users
  • Bowens® / S-mount users
  • Broncolor® Pulso mount users
  • Profoto® users

Double diffusion

The double diffusion panels have been specialy designed to produce very soft light. The innner diffuser also incorporates a central circular panel to avoid any hotspot, thus offering the most homogenous light possible.

It is possible to remove both diffusers to obtain a very crispy and contrasty light, similar to beauty dish... but in much bigger!


  Litemotiv Softbox Octa 120cm
Litemotiv Softbox Octa 190cm
Primary Cover: Black
Secondary Reflecting material: Silver
Diameter 120 cm 190 cm
Extras The Litemotiv bracket is not included
Length 71 cm 120 cm
Rods 16
Weight 2.5 kg 3.7 kg


Litemotiv bracket for Elinchrom®

Litemotiv Bracket for Profoto®

Litemotiv Bracket for Broncolor® Pulso

Litemotiv Bracket for S-mount

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