Elinchrom Transmitter PRO

Elinchrom Transmitter PRO

All You Need In One Single Place TTL, HSS or Hi-Sync. All features a photographer may need are now compiled in one single transmitter.

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Why the Elinchrom Transmitter PRO?

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Why the Transmitter PRO?

The Elinchrom Transmitter PRO is more than just a trigger for flash units, it is the entrance to an open world with endless freedom.

With a visual feedback interface, have access to High Speed Sync or Hi-Sync to seamlessly synchronise at speeds of up to 1/8000s. Freeze motion, darken and overpower the ambient light or use wider aperture.

Product Specification

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Visual feedback

Control of all your lighting setup through a visual feedback interface with the display of power levels and modelling lamp settings.

HSS / Hi-Sync

Anyone can go beyond the normal X-sync of his DSLR camera. An 1/8000s shutter speed is now accessible to all, depending on the digital camera and type of flash unit.

Extra distance range

The distance range, 200 m (656 feet) outdoors and 60 m (196 feet) indoors, will enable to work under challenging circumstances without missing an important moment.


The transmitter attaches easily and securely to the hotshoe with its bayonet locking system and is powered by 2x AA batteries. It also features an integrated AF illuminator for fast focusing and a mini-USB socket for firmware updates.


The Elinchrom Transmitter PRO is compatible with the three previous generations of flash units (including the EL-Skyport Transceiver RX module for Style RX, Digitial RX, and Ranger RX systems, the integrated EL-Skyport modules for D-Lite RX, BRX, ELC Pro HD and ELB series.). Please note, HSS and TTL is only available with the ELB 500 TTL. Hi-Sync is only available with the D-Lite RX 4, the ELB 400 and the ELB 12


Transmitter PRO - Canon®

Transmitter PRO - Nikon®

Transmitter PRO - Fujifilm®

Transmitter PRO - Sony®

Transmitter PRO - Olympus® / Panasonic®

Transmitter PRO - Pentax®

Transmitter Hardshell Box

Gear for HSS / TTL

ELB 500 TTL (Without Battery)

ELB 500 Head

ELB 500 TTL To Go

ELB 500 TTL Dual To Go

Gear for Hi-Sync


ELB 1200 Hi-Sync To Go

ELB 1200 Hi-Sync To Roll

D-Lite RX 4

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